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Homework, or homework  assignment  given to students to fulfill outside the college or university. Homework may include reading, writing, execution of a project or problem solving. As a general rule, homework is given to consolidate student’s’  knowledge. And sometimes students need homework help.

The main  purpose of  homework.

Homework is given to increase students’ knowledge. Aims  to consolidate the knowledge that students have received. But parents also have the opportunity to participate in the child’s  education.

Internet, homework and homework help websites.

Internet is often used in doing homework.

First, there are many sites devoted to discussing how best to organize homework for pupils and students.

Second, many schools and colleges have their own homework sites where they placing  homework.

Thirdly, there are training programs for students. For example, in mathematics.

Fourth, there are services that provide homework help hotline.

Internet  is useful for the fact that you can find many resources  that can be used in carrying out the work. Also very popular  encyclopedia. But on the other hand, the Internet – is the source of plagiarism. And the student is tempting to download the homework from the internet and not do it. This behavior is fraught with serious problems. Our homework site offers you the performance of homework of any complexity in a short time, completely anonymously.

The effectiveness of homework. Doing homework is good for the student only if task selected in accordance with current knowledge of the student and the studied subjects.
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